10 Interesting Facts About Seaweed

10 Interesting Facts About Seaweed

1. Seaweed is a water plant, which resembles land plants apart from the fact it is not connected to the earth.

2. In order to perform photosynthesis, seaweed grows in shallow waters rather than deep ones, and contains antioxidant pigments which give them their green, brown or reddish colour.

3. As with land-based plants, seaweed provide the majority of the nutrition for marine creatures and play an important role in marine ecology.

4. Seaweed comes in a wide range of sizes. There are microscopic micro-seaweeds and large macro-seaweeds which can be seen covering rocks or being carried on the waves.

5. There is seaweed which grows in saltwater, and other varieties which grow in sweet water and can be found in pools.

6. Seaweed is rich in nutritional elements and is a wonderful source of vitamins, minerals, protein, fatty acids, dietary fibers and antioxidants.

7. Seaside cultures, such as Japan, whose diets have depended on the sea, have included seaweed in their food for hundreds of years.

8. Seaweed stopped being only for sushi a long time ago – since celebrity chef Jamie Oliver began to praise the qualities of seaweed, chefs and restaurants around the world started adding seaweed to a variety of delicious recipes. Have you tried chocolate mousse with seaweed yet?

9. A global trend – The nutritional riches of seaweed are well-known today.and have become a leading food among those concerned with health and nutrition around the world.

10. In the past seaweed was consumed primarily as a food. Today, anyone interested in benefiting from their health advantages can purchase it in supplement form as well!