A wealth of health from the sea

Seakura is an ecological company dedicated to growing seaweed on land. The company employs advanced technology working with existing agriculture, while safeguarding nature, people and their health.
Our seaweed is grown in organic conditions and fulfills international standards for heavy metals, pesticides and biological pollutants. The seaweed forms the basis for a series of our nutritional supplements and culinary products.


At out facility, located along the coast, we raise two types of seaweed: Ulva Seaweed – Green seaweed containing minerals, nutritional fibre, protein, antioxidants, chlorophyll and vitamins. Ulva seaweed has an umami flavor- the fifth taste- which blends beautifully into many recipes and adds a deep, unique flavor.
Gracilaria Seaweed – Reddish and exotic- looking, with a rich flavor. This seaweed can be used to enrich the colour and flavor of many dishes. Gracilaria is often used on baking as a thickening agent and as a vegetarian replacement for gelatin. Gracilaria has also been used in the field of medicine.


Seakura is developing new technologies for existing marine agriculture, and is working to advance the research into multi-cell seaweed in Israel. We grow seaweed containing all the riches of the sea, on land, in a clean environment which fulfills the stringent conditions regarding heavy metals, biological pollutants and pesticides. The unique growing process facilitates the inclusion of  seaweed packed full of the best of nutritional value into our daily diet. Research and development at the facility are led by Prof. Yoni Zohar of the University of Maryland, Dr. Michael Friedlander
and Dr. Yossi Tal, two key figures in the field o f marine biology, along with technological experts of the highest caliber.


We believe that it is possible to protect our health and the planet at the same time. Growing seaweed on land allows us to avoid polluting and damaging fish and marine vegetation. In order not to affect the delicate balance of the marine ecology, all water pumped from the depths of the Mediterranean is returned, clean Ulva seaweed Gracilaria seaweed and clear, to the sea.